Bending the Arc

The documentary Bending the Arc addresses our global health care system which is often guided by underlying political choices of morality v injustice.  The story follows a handful of US educated persons who founded Partners in Health (PIH) in Cange, Haiti in response to the tuberculosis virus that was ravaging the country. From there, PIH has taken on AIDS, HPV, and Ebola, and set the stage for universal equality of health care delivery. The film resonated with me.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” While the quote has been attributed to King, it dates to 1853 with the unitarian minister and transcendentalist, Theodore Parker. With this quote, Parker is credited with foreshadowing the Civil War. When I heard it repeated in the documentary, my mind was flush with thoughts of action, impact, and responsibility.

My thoughts then jumped towards the question, “Can one person make a difference?” Bending the Arc proved that yes, they can.

In working with high school students, I talk about their path to college, what they hope to accomplish while there, and where education might lead them. I ask, “How will you make a difference and what sets you apart from other applicants?” This is a wide-open question with no right answer and will be based on personal choices throughout their college careers and beyond.  

If we desire personal growth, we continually ask ourselves those questions and seek answers through work, passions, service, and more. With a new year just begun, I have been asking myself, what’s next? How do I give back to my community? Am I accomplishing all that I want to do and where can I do more? Bending the Arc lit an emotional fire, ignited my passions, and will lead me to my next journey.

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