Say Yes!

Say yes as much as possible. Kids want parents to say yes to everything. They ask “Why?” and reversely, may be thinking “Why Not?”  Kids do not see the hazards and pitfalls that can follow decisions. They see a world before them and wonder why others are not doing what they are doing. They see a red convertible with the top down, wind blowing through their hair, sunglasses on, dog’s ears flapping along with them, and the sun rays beating down on a hot summer day. It is not until they meet failure that they hold back a bit. When parents say yes, it is not about giving in to their child. It is about seeing the possibilities in life.

Maybe the view of the world through a child’s eyes, brings out our creative juices? Weighing our options and noting the consequences is a good rubric for decision making. But what if the answer is unclear? What if we do not know all of the parameters? Then we go with our gut. We take the best decision presented at that moment in time because parameters can change after we dive in.  Saying yes is a willingness to recognize opportunities and jump when given the chance. The risk — you might have more fun!

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