There’s grace and beauty in being with someone on their first day and their last. Few times in life allow us that moment. Being present for a birth is full of hope and joy and awe. Death has entirely different emotions. Dad died a few weeks ago at ninety-three, leaving an incredible legacy in living […]

He Has a Mother Too

The large full sound of the piano keys drew me in. Warm, resonating, beautiful. His music filled this once sanctuary, turned place of rest and meditation, and sometimes place of worship, long after the notes were silent. “Have you seen him before?” I asked. He had been there a couple of times, but this was […]

Bending the Arc

The documentary Bending the Arc addresses our global health care system which is often guided by underlying political choices of morality v injustice.  The story follows a handful of US educated persons who founded Partners in Health (PIH) in Cange, Haiti in response to the tuberculosis virus that was ravaging the country. From there, PIH […]

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