Say Yes!

Say yes as much as possible. Kids want parents to say yes to everything. They ask “Why?” and reversely, may be thinking “Why Not?”  Kids do not see the hazards and pitfalls that can follow decisions. They see a world before them and wonder why others are not doing what they are doing. They see […]

A Seat at the Table

Many, ranging from gangsters to politicians, have been credited with the quote, “You’re either at the table, or on the menu.” Make sure you are at the table. If not, you will likely end up on the menu. Do you ever feel as if you are being served up as chopped liver when those around […]

Triumph of Achievement

No doubt, the New Year is a reflective time – a time to take stock in our values, time, energies, successes, and failures. The latter is hard to admit but essential. With reflection, we circle back to those mantras that guide our opinions, serve as checks and balances in our decision-making, and help us move […]

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